Our goal is to help your business become more efficient and profitable by employing the most advanced technology at reasonable prices. In our experience, most businesses can save money on software, hardware, and IT labor costs by maximizing what they have already purchased versus buying expensive solutions that may have some bells and whistles.

Our Clients: Espoota primarily focuses on helping small businesses with less than 50 employees. We consider ourselves your outsourced IT department. We’re there when you need us and we’re always keeping watch on the newest releases in technology. When we’re working for you – there’s no need to worry about your network.

Employee Training & Documentation

  • Windows XP & Vista
  • Microsoft Office
  • Server and/or workstation repair and maintenance
  • Document synchronization

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Installation, Configuration & Maintenance

  • File server
  • Email server
  • FTP & Web Servers
  • Firewall server or appliance installation
  • Business-class broadband connections

We can also help you

Provide secured access to office servers for contractors and employees working remotely

Customized Solutions

Employee mobility (access to office resources such as email and files while on the road)

Custom-built servers and workstations with the highest quality components

Integration of Prolaw and Peachtree with database software

Business Services

We have been supporting small business customers for almost 20 years. Some of our corporate customers have us handle all of their IT needs and others have us support their in-house staff. Either way, our goal is to minimize downtime and increase employee productivity.


Network security

Ethernet and/or high-speed wireless networking

Custom software services (database development using Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

Home Users

Espoota™ recognizes that home users need proper IT support too. If you need help getting your Internet connected, a new printer installed, or if you’re having problems with your PC, we can come to your home and fix your PC onsite. Alternatively we offer a pickup service where we can bring your PC back to our workshop and get your machine running again quickly!.

Business - Casual

If your small to medium business needs occasional IT support with professional timely results, look no further. Our casual service rates are sure to save you money on “locked-in” contracts or expensive call out fees. With our flat rate casual service you can have the best of both worlds.

Business - Contract

Your business is blooming, you’ve got 10 or more PCs operating on an office network, and you run into the occasional or even routine problems with them, but you can justify employing a full-time support person. No problems! Espoota™ has got you covered. And because we like repeat business, we like to reward you too. Our discounted contract support rates can be tailored to meet your business’ individual needs.

Personal Computer Support

At Espoota™, we understand that even home users need support for their PCs. Whether you’ve got a single computer or a small network, we can help you.

Our Home Call Out Service is charged at a Casual Support rate and is available between the hours of 9am and 7pm.

After Hours Support is available at our Casual After Hours Support rate and covers hours after 7pm until 10pm.


Casual Business Support

A lot of smaller businesses can’t afford to hire a perment IT professional, but that doesn’t stop computers from being computers! If you’re a small organization with a handful of computers and need occasional professional support, take a look at our prices.

We offer 3 different support options to the small business sector. OurCasual Support rate and is available between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

After Hours Support is available at our Casual After Hours Supportrate and covers hours after 5pm until 9pm.

We also offer a 24 hour Emergency Priority Support option, available anytime day or night. From the moment you call us, we guarantee we’ll be there within 2 hours, to help you out.

Business Support Contracts

For the small business with regular support needs, we’ve made it even easier. Our business friendly range of support contracts let you set a budget for support, and get on with your work. You get the peace of mind knowing that your support hours are covered, and the same friendly professional service from one company.