February 17 2016 0Comment

Windows 10 update

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a recommended software update so for all those people who have recommended downloads on, they might get a surprise the next time they start their computer. They first try to push the Windows 10 upgrade by only giving it to the people who reserved the update. Then they changed the upgrade to a optional update for everyone who has Windows 7 or 8 but now they are fully pushing it by making it a recommended upgrade. Before the recommended updates were only updates that provided bug fixes and by default automatic updates were turned on.

For those who aren’t ready for Windows 10 yet, they might want to read carefully the next time an update prompt pops up because they might have a little surprise the net time the turn on their computer. If you have upgrade but don’t want Windows 10, they can revert back to their old operating system within 31 day after they’ve upgraded.


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